We Offer Chiropractic Treatment for Dizziness & Vertigo

The trauma from a car wreck can often lead to unsettling dizziness and vertigo. At our wellness clinic, we offer chiropractic treatment for dizziness and vertigo. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in this area allows us to help our patients regain their desired stability. 

Choose An Experienced Vertigo Chiropractor In College Park

As an experienced vertigo chiropractor in College Park, Dr. Stephens understands both the underlying causes and most effective treatments for vertigo.

The most common cause of dizziness is injury to the tissues of the neck. When the ligaments and discs of the neck are injured, inflammation and scar tissue can affect the nerves of the spine that help us regulate balance. In fact, recent studies show that most patients suffer from balance problems after an auto accident, even if they don't have symptoms of dizziness.

In some cases, vertigo can be caused by direct or indirect brain injury.

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